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12/14/13 07:10 PM #1    


Tom Smith

Way to go!  Have a happy day.

12/14/13 08:04 PM #2    


Caroline Cox

Judy:  Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!  I really enjoyed the vist at Bob's Superburger in Paoli!  Also, have a very Merry Christmas!

06/06/14 09:22 AM #3    

Karin Warriner (Cobb)

I am thinking of all my '62 classmates this weekend as you gather for the annual reunion.  I wish you lots of fun and friendship, and I wish I could be with you. Also this weekend the 70th anniversary of D Day is observed and I am thinking about how we too are turning 70 and how much change we have seen in the world since 1944.  

06/08/14 02:49 PM #4    


Robert Owen

So glad to hear from you. I did miss seeing you.We had fourteen and had a wonderful time. I wish You and Bill a wonderful year. God Bless You and Yiour Family. Diana and I went to hear Cliffton preach this morning. He does a great job.

06/20/14 03:56 PM #5    

Judy Angerer (Land)

Robert. my grandsons dressed like Duck Dynasty for the wedding rehearsal. They also did a song from "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou". Wish u could see it. They are on Facebook.

01/18/15 01:19 PM #6    


Tom Smith

Becky and I have now been married 50 years.


01/19/15 08:19 AM #7    

Vasco Kirby

Congratulations to Tom and Becky!


vasco and mary

01/19/15 06:48 PM #8    


Clifton Coulter

Congratulations to Tom and Becky!


01/20/15 11:02 AM #9    

Karin Warriner (Cobb)

Congratulations Tom and Becky. Wishing you many more happy years together.

01/21/15 05:02 PM #10    


Larry Murphy

Larry, Dick & I celebrated our 50th anniversary Aug 25, 2012 by taking our whole family to St Johns, USVI. Trip we'll always much fun!

(Brenda Ncholson, Dick Teaford)

01/22/15 07:43 PM #11    

Melva Cornwell (Cooper)

Happy 50th Anniversary to all the great couples who are celebrating!!  Truly amazing!


01/22/15 09:22 PM #12    


Tom Smith

Thank you Melva Sue.

01/12/16 11:59 AM #13    


Larry Murphy

I just read your post to the class website.  Generally I agree with you re being 72 years old, but I can tell you a lot of things, health wise, are different than when I was forty,  I don't recall having an enlarged prostate and getting up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom.  I didn't need 9 hours sleep when I was 40.  I didn't have to take a blood thinner due to a heart issue.  All that said, I am still in better health than 99% of the people walking around out there.  Some health issues just come with the territory of being 72.  In some ways humans are like cars.  When we have a lot of miles on us things tend to go wrong. However, if you kept up with the 'required maintenance" you will tend to run longer with fewer problems.
The one thing that has really come to the forefront in the past few years is my overwhelming enjoyment of friends, family, nature, and life in general. We can become so involved with earning a living, raising a family, paying bills, etc. that we don't stop to "smell the roses".  I must say, the smell is intoxicating.  It is so much fun to just pretty much do what you wish providing your health allows.
If you wish to post my response on the website feel free to do so.  It would be fun to get perspectives from more of our classmates regarding reaching the age of 72 and beyond.  Maybe we can start a dialog.
I too want to wish all of the folks from the Paoli Class of 1962 a great 2016.  Goodness, it seems odd to just say "2016". It is only my opinion but I still feel we had the greatest class ever.
Lance Daugherty
Lance, I totally agree with you, especially your last sentence.

01/12/16 01:15 PM #14    


Tom Smith

Larry, NEWS FLASH AGAIN.   I don't have a cell phone, yet.  May look into that in a year or so.   Tom

01/12/16 02:14 PM #15    


Larry Murphy

Now Tom, don't rush into anything too fast here, cell phones may just be a fad that will soon fade away!

01/15/16 10:33 AM #16    


Lance Daugherty

Cell phones will probably last a few more years.  The next big technological communications leap will probably be some type of dental implant.  And then ............. telepathic communication (LOL)!  Hey, Tom, are you still on a party line?

01/15/16 12:52 PM #17    


Tom Smith

I'm up to date with the house phone. Have 4 mobile phones in 4 different rooms and can go outside to call or recieve. The best part is if I want too talk with the wify and she's at the other end I just pick up my phone and call her.Saves a lot of shouting, How neat is that?   Back in 2001 we whent shopping for Becky a new car to drive, Fell in love with a 2001 Cadi DeVille that has every bell and whistle to put on it.  Has a radio systwm made by Bossy. Must have been a dairy farmer that invented it. Has a gizmo in the trunk where you stack 6 discs and it plays all day. I was going over the equipment with the sales rep and I asked him where I could put my 8 track. Can't tell you what he said but Larry and Lance I got a nice unit for sale. Guess they are making implants for  whatever a person may need. You guys let me know what's new out there.  LOL

01/17/16 12:32 PM #18    


Lance Daugherty

Larry would know a lot more about the new tech inovations out there than I would.  You know he was/is in the real estate biz all those years and needs all the bells and whistles technology can provide.  Larry, I'll bet you even have golf clubs without hickery shafts.  By the way, I lived in Tennessee for 10 years, and it was like a trip in the "Way Back" machine (lol).

12/24/16 09:32 AM #19    


Tom Smith

Merry Christmas everyone

05/21/19 07:09 AM #20    


Tom Smith

Larry and Lance I still don't have a cell phone.  LOL






05/22/19 11:50 AM #21    


Lance Daugherty

Tom, a friend of mine here in Mooresville said he found a Junior High with a cinder track.  He said he was going to run some laps on it. On the cell phone thing, they are a mixed bag. They can be useful or a pain in the .......




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